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We are investment intermediary with more than 20 years of experience in the capital markets!

We are one of the leading investment intermediaries in Bulgaria since the establishment of the regulated capital market in the country in 1997 until now.

We are the first company approved by the Bulgarian Stock Exchange as an Advisor for Small and Medium Enterprises for the “Bulgarian Enterprise Accelerator Market” (BEAM)

We are one of the most active investment intermediaries especially in the field of investment banking.

Aval In Jsc complies all regulatory requirements.

We have authority in the financial field in the country and abroad, thanks to a highly qualified team of managers, experts, brokers and investment consultants licensed by the Financial Supervision Commission.

The management system is a Board of Directors, and the representation is jointly implemented by the Chairman of the Board and the Executive Director.

The main service bank is UniCredit Bulbank, part of the UniCredit Group.


After more than 20 years of experience on the capital markets, we do not stop justifying the trust of our customers by meeting their high requirements, always providing them with the right service according to their needs.

Latest News


Changes to the Tariff of Fees

Dear clients, We hereby notify you that with a Protocol of September 12, The Board of Directors Aval In AD has adopted amendments to the Tariff of Fees and Commissions of the Intermediary, which will...


Tender offer “Svetlina” Plc.

With a decision under Protocol No. 30 of 07.05.2019, the Financial Supervision Commission does not issue a final ban for the publication of a tender offer by SINERGON HOLDING AD for the purchase of 18...

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