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Notice General Meeting – Doverie Obedinen Holding AD (BSO) (5DOV)

in Corporate events

Issuer: Doverie Obedinen Holding AD-Sofia (5DOV) Aval In AD received information for conducting an extraordinary GMS of Doverie Obedinen Holding AD-Sofia (5DOV), as follows: Doverie Obedinen Holding AD-Sofia (5DOV) convenes the GMS on 15.01.2021 from 11.00 am in Sofia, 5 Lachezar Stanchev Str., Ground floor, SBT Shopping Center, Sopharma Event Center, with the following agenda: […]

Change in the General Terms

in Аnnouncement

Dear clients, We hereby notify you that there is a change in the General Terms and Conditions applied by the Aval IN AD. The amendments and supplements were adopted by the Board of Directors on 20.11.2020. and shall enter into force with effect from 01.01.2021. The General Conditions are available at the office of IP […]

Notice General Meeting – Monbat AD (5MB)

in Corporate events

Issuer: Monbat AD-Sofia (5MB) Aval In AD received information that Monbat AD-Sofia (5MB) convenes an Extraordinary General Meeting on 07.12.2020 from 10.00 am in Sofia, 1 Gurko Blvd., Grand Hotel Sofia, Triaditsa Hall, with the following agenda: – Selection of a registered auditor for 2020 – In the absence of a quorum, the meeting will […]

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