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We have developed and offer a new consulting service – “Compliance for public companies”.

The service is intended for public companies and issuers of securities and allows for full monitoring of compliance with the regulatory requirements – specific rules, procedures and actions arising from the legislation in the field of the capital market and related to the public sector behavior of an issuer company of securities.

Through this comprehensive service, we provide you with the opportunity:

1) Comply with the statutory deadlines, rules and procedures in your dealings with the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC), the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE), the Central Depository AD (Central Depository), the State Agency for National Security for financial intelligence), etc .;

2) To award and receive specific developments, materials and documents related to investment consulting and financing of your business;

3) Get professional advice and advice on time;

4) Know exactly when and exactly what specific actions you are required to perform as an issuer of securities;

5) Save time and always be “up to date” with the ever-changing regulatory framework in the capital market area.

The advisory service provides flexibility, being tailored to the specific needs of each user.

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