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Investment banking

Initial public offerings

Consulting with the aim of carrying out an initial public offering of securities, including:
• Consultations on the issue of securities.
• Preparation of prospectus (as one or separate documents) for public offering of securities.
• Registration of the new issued shares on the Stock Exchange and the Central Depository.
• Placement of the issued shares.
• Registration for the secondary trading.

Administration of issued shares

Administration of securities issues, including:
• Actions related to the exercise of the rights in the securities / incl. distribution of dividends, interest, principals, rights/.
• Making and controlling payments in relation to securities.
• Dissemination of reports and information for general meetings.
• Advising regarding the order and format for submission of periodic and annual financial statements, in accordance with the disclosure requirement.
• Making any notifications and publications, as well as submitting the respective fees on behalf of the issuer in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Registration on BSE for secondary trading

Registration of issues of securities for trading on Bulgarian Stock Exchange Plc, including:
• Preparation of prospectus for primary or secondary public offering.
• Registration of the securities in Central Depository AD / ISIN code /.
• Entry in the Register of Public Companies of the Financial Supervision Commission.
• Registration of the issue of securities for trading on a regulated market.

Tender offer

Tender Offer for Purchase and Replacement of Shares, including:
• Preparation of a tender offer (including justification of the offered price or the proposed exchange value according to the established valuation methods;
• Preparation of evaluations of whole enterprises by liquidation value /;
• Registration of the tender offer to the Financial Supervision Commission;
• Registration of the tender offer on the stock exchange;
• Execution of the tender offer;
• Analysis of the results of the tender offer.


• Carrying out all legal and factual actions for the deletion of public companies from the public register of the Financial Supervision Commission.

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