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OTC Trading

Investment intermediary Aval In Jsc performs activity as a registration agent, which includes the following services:

Transfer of shares between the intermediary’s clients

Necessary documents:
• Depository receipt / if the shares are in a personal account /
• Transfer order for securities
• ID card

Change of personal data in the registry of Central Depository

Necessary documents:
• Depository receipt / with incorrect data /
• Change of personal data form
• ID card

Duplicate of a Depository Receipt.

Necessary documents:
• Duplicate form
• ID card

Inheritance of securities /without will/

Necessary documents:
•Certificate of inheritance
• Reference and blocking form for a legacy of securities. On the basis of this document, the heirs are provided with an overview of the current securities portfolio.
• Notary certified contract for voluntary partition between all heirs on the certificate of successors, with notary certification of the signatures or other document, determined by the normative acts for distribution of the securities.
• Order to transfer the relevant shares of securities from the legator’s account to the heirs’ accounts.

Inheritance by will / covenant

Necessary documents:
•Certificate of inheritance
• Notarized copy of a handwritten or notarial will.
• A notary’s report to declare the will.
•ID card.
• Order to transfer securities to inheritance by will.

All documents, other than the identity document, are provided in the original or a notary certified copy.

Donation of securities

Necessary documents:
• Transfer order for securities
• Identity / identity cards of the donor and the acquirer /
• Depository receipt
• Written contract for donation with notary certification of the signature

Portfolio reference

Necessary documents:
• Request for a wallet report
• ID card

Note: All of the above actions, except for the issuance of a duplicate of a Depository Receipt, may also be performed by a proxy with a notarized power of attorney in writing, expressly describing the actions that the proxy may perform on behalf of the principal.

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